Manchester United and Jose Mourinho perfect commercial fit

Old Trafford - Manchester United Newly appointed Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, and the club’s similar commercial objectives can help bring on-field success.

Sir Alex Ferguson was a key part of the Red’s global brand development but his successor David Moyes was not prepared for the club’s endorsement pressures. Even experienced Dutchman Louis van Gaal said he needed to “adapt” to the commercial responsibilities during his first pre-season tour with United in 2014.

Mourinho however, is much more involved in the commercial side of the game. From his time at Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid the Portuguese has immersed himself in football marketing. His success, history of managing top clubs, will to win, straight talking and big personality have made him a worldwide star. Alongside his super agent Jorge Mendes, Mourinho has it all to be commercially successful and he is.

The hiring of the 53-year-old was delayed by potential conflicts of interest between a series of personal endorsement deals and United’s own commercial partnerships. It also emerged that Chelsea still owned Mourinho’s name as a trademark which had to be resolved. This just demonstrates how key the commercial aspect of the appointment was for both club and manager.

It appears the former Chelsea manager is eager to take on further commercial responsibilities in his new role at Old Trafford. Mourinho joined Instagram, complete with ‘JM’ logo profile picture, on the day his appointment was announced. This has given him a platform to communicate with the Red Devil’s huge fan base, whilst expanding into the social media market.

It was recently revealed The Special One is set to play Pope Francis in the upcoming movie Fe, English for Faith. He will voice the part in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian. The fact the two-time Champions League winner is fluent in a range of languages contributes further to his global endorsement appeal. Mourinho also voiced the teaser trailer for EA Sports’ upcoming computer football game FIFA 17. It is apparent the new United boss is the blockbuster manager when it comes to football advertisement.

As Mourinho starts work in Manchester, he is ready to extend his own endorsement assignments at probably the most commercial club in the world. Phil Townsend, the Director of Communications at Old Trafford, in 2012 explained to me how much that area has developed at the club. With vast sponsorship deals, it is clear just how important marketing revenue is for the Reds. For the previous two managers at Old Trafford the commercial aspect was a burden but for Mourinho, it will surely be welcomed.

As Jose Mourinho looks to return Manchester United back to the top on the field, he can seamlessly manage the extra responsibilities off it.